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YBVNY Annual Fundraising Campaign 2020

As we stand at the threshold of another exciting year ahead of us, we fondly remember the time we spent together in 2020, as part of Young Bulgarian Voices New York.

The last 10 months taught us all some very important lessons. The shared reality of a global pandemic made us rethink our values and priorities in a unique way. At YBVNY, we learned that we can do without many things in our every day life, but not without our cultural community. Despite the challenges, YBVNY never stopped creating a safe educational environment online every Sunday for all of us to enjoy: we keep learning Bulgarian, dancing, singing, playing Kaba Gaida and Tupan, participating in workshops and being together. Thanks to you and against all odds our enrollment keeps growing every week.

This year we have worked with twenty five bilingual children, introducing them to their Bulgarian heritage and the power of learning in a new and participatory way. We sang Bulgarian songs at the Golden Festival in front of thousands of Balkan Folk Music lovers who received us with open hearts and big smiles. We organized the first ever recreation of Bulgarian custom “Surva” on stage. The children made Martenitsi, Kukerski masks and Surovachki in our Bulgarian craft workshops. We have expanded our offerings with our new class “Mommy, Daddy and me” for children 1 to 3 years old.

For adults and older children, we offer 101 KABA GAIDI NEW YORK (Bulgarian bagpipe class), the TUPAN (Bulgarian double-sided drum) class, and Bulgarian folk singing and folk dancing classes. Going forward, we have planned to expand our reach and our activities. In 2021, we will continue our Bulgarian music, culture, language education and we’ll continue to share the richness of Bulgarian culture with others by performing in the digital edition of the prestigious Golden Festival 2021 Folk festival. In the Fall semester of 2021 you will be able to participate in our “Winter Holidays Recreation” – a series of creative workshops culminating in a celebration in December, and many other exciting events.

Please support us in our effort to keep this good and important work going!

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