Young Bulgarian Voices at 2019 Golden Festival. Come join us! Lots more video on the Young Bulgarian Voices YouTube channel.

Young Bulgarian Voices mixed choir at Verea Festival 2016.

Tupani at the Golden Festival in 2016. This could be you!

101 Kaba Gaidi and Tupani and the wonderful Golden Festival – the beginning! Only 80 positions left!

Petya Maglova – YBVNY choir director and Nedyalko Ketev – Kaba Gaida teacher at 101 kaba Gaidi NY performing “Rufinka Bolna Legnala” during the 2013 “Lazarov Den” celebration, NY :

Децембер 2013, Christmas Concert at the Bulgarian Cathedral in New York / Декември, 2013, Коледен Концерт в Българската Църква, Ню Йорк – “Коладе ладе” :

May, 2013 Competition for Bulgarian children choirs working abroad Senior Group / Май, 2013 “Детство Мое” :

Junior Group:

Bulgarian Independence Day Concert, March 3rd, 2013 :