YBVNY Annual Fund Drive 2017

Dear YBVNY Families and Friends, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

As we stand at the threshold of another exciting year ahead of us, we fondly remember the time we spent together in 2016, as part of the Young Bulgarian Voices NY.

Founded by like-minded group of enthusiasts in New York, YBVNY continues to nurture the love for Bulgarian music, language and culture through singing, traditional instrument playing, dancing, hands on educational projects and small group-based progressive learning of the Bulgarian language. Our approach to teaching Bulgarian language through alternative progressive methods is unique among Bulgarian educational institutions abroad and crafted throughout years of serving the unique needs of our American born students.

During the last academic year, we participated in over 10 performances. We have worked with over 30 bilingual children, introducing them to their Bulgarian heritage and the power of learning in a new and participatory way. In March we offered Martenizi workshop, became ambassadors of our ancient culture at the prestigious Golden Festival in Brooklyn, NY and took part in the 6th edition of the Bulgarian Folk Dance Festival Verea Chicago.

Our already world famous project – 101 Kaba Gaidi New York – the biggest and probably (but hopefully-not) the only kaba gaida and tupan group outside Bulgaria. For the fourth year over (almost! 🙂 101 aspiring bagpipers are learning the art of playing the traditional Rhodope Mountain bagpipe. Two years ago we added to the group a Bulgarian Tupan section.. We have players from 8 to 68 years of age and what is really great is that many of them are of non Bulgarian decent. We are offering Bulgarian folk dance workshops for all ages and after the classes we have our “NA MEGDANA”/ “AT THE VILLAGE SQUARE” folk dancing with live music by 101 Kaba Gaidi NY.

Going forward, we have planned to expand our reach and our activities and as the kids just as our programs mature, we plan to hire additional educators as well as to develop further our unique curriculum. In 2017, we expect to make KUKERI masks and recreate the KUKERI and LAZARKI rituals for the whole community, participate in the prestigious Golden Festival on Jan. 13 &14, 2017 in Brooklyn, NY and be part of Verea Chicago once again.

Come to one of our workshops! Visit a performance! Email us or call us to inquire about a schedule! There are many ways to get involved but there is only one YBVNY. Your support and your investment make our programs possible, make our mission a success and reach many children and their parents annually.

Our wish is to see more children and parents crowd the corridors of YBVNY; to witness more happy faces after our workshops; and to meet more of you in 2017.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution today.

Thank You!

To donate by CHECK:

– Make all checks payable to Young Bulgarian Voices New York

– Write Young Bulgarian Voices New York in the memo line

– Mail the check to YBVNY, 

40 River Road, apt 2B

New York, NY 10044

If you work for a company that has a Matching Gift Program, that will match your contribution, please contact Yana Kalinkova at ybVOICESny@gmail or 617.872.7414 to help set up a matching donation.