We take pride in our exceptional team of language teachers, early childhood educators, music teachers (both classical and folklore), instrument, voice and dance instructors with rich experience performing on stage.

Pateya Maglova – Musical Director

Evgeni Ninov – Musical Co-director

Rositsa Chilingirova – Bulgarian Language Teacher

Myana Hristova – Early Childhood Education Teacher

Catherine Springer – Bulgarian Folk Dance Teacher

Meglena Zapreva -Creative Workshops Teacher

Kiril Ketev – Bulgarian Bagpipe  / Kaba Gaida Instructor

Mersid Mustafov Semka  – Tupan instructor

Yana Kalinkova – school principal

Zora Boyadzhieva – CEO

Board of Directors:

President of the Borad of Directoirs – Yana Kalinkova

Vice President of the Board of Directors – Zora Boyadzhieva

Treasurer – Ivanka Stanishev

Board members:

Catherine Springer

Stoyan Georgiev

Ralph Knag

The Board of Directors is elected every two years by the electoral body of the non profit organization YBVNY. The electoral body consists of all the member families of the organization. This system is specifically designed to assure that the organization would continue to serve the interest of the Bulgarian community in the tri state area, the leadership would act under maximum transparency and assures solid check and balance mechanisms.