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TODAY! March 1st – Martenitsa WORKSHOP

ПОМОГНЕТЕ НИ да направим НАЙ-ДЪЛГАТА МАРТЕНИЦА в …ако не в света, то поне в Ню Йорк!

HELP US make the longest MARTENITSA… if not in the World, than at least in New York!

On the first day of March, Bulgarians exchange and wear white and red tassels or small dolls called “Пижо и Пенда” (Pizho and Penda). The red and white woven threads symbolize the wish for good health. They are the heralds of the coming of spring in Bulgaria and life in general. In Bulgarian folklore the name Baba Marta (in Bulgarian баба Марта meaning Grandma March). Come and join us for our workshop and make yourself and your friends a wonderful present.

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM,   525 W 50th Street, 1ST FLOOR, New York, NY