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За първи път учебна програма, съобразена с нуждите на деца, родени в САЩ. Преподаватели с квалификация по българска филология от СУ „Климент Охридски“ и практически опит в обучението на двуезични деца.

Богат репертоар от класически, популярни и народни песни. Многобройни изяви пред американска и българска публика. Ръководители с изпълнителски и педагогически опит.

Български език и култура чрез игрови и други алтернативни методи, съобразени с възрастта и нуждите на децата. Преподаватели с образование по предучилищна педагогика и дългогодишен опит.

За първи път в САЩ – обучение по математика по изпитаните български системи.

Лазарки, Кукери, Баба Марта, изработване на сурвачки, и други.


Най-голямата гайдарска група извън пределите на България с ръководител – Кирил Кетев, трето поколение гайдар и преподавател от школата в Широка Лъка.

Уникална възможност да се запознате с българските ритми. Ръководител – Мерсид Мустафов, утвърден изпълнител, потомствен музикант.

Разнообразен репертоар обхващащ различни фолклорни области. Ръководител – Петя Мъглова, утвърден изпълнител на автентичен фолклор с дългогодишен педагогически опит.

Танци за всички възрастови групи. Инструктор – Катрин Спрингър, худовествен ръководител на 40-годишния ансамбъл за български танци „Босилек“, Ню Йорк.

Уникален бърз курс за начинаещи чужденци. Ръководител – Катрин Спрингър.

Учебните занятия се провеждат всяка неделя от 11:00 до 15:00 часа 154 W 93th Street, New York, NY 10025
ЗА KOНTAKTИ: Яна Калинкова 516-395-2569 и Зора Бояджиева 617-872-7414

YBVNY Annual Fund Drive 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for being part of the Young Bulgarian Voices New York Community!

Some of you are nurturing the love for Bulgarian culture for fourteen years already. For others maybe this is the first year joining our Bulgarian language music and singing lessons. Perhaps this is the first time you are finding out about  us and the Bulgarian folk dance, Kaba Gaida and Tupan classes we offer and you don’t know yet that we just started Bulgarian Math for kids and Bulgarian for adults classes?

Either way, thanks to all of you Young Bulgarian Voices is the giving voice of the Bulgarian traditions in New York and the US – the Kukeri and Martenitzi workshops, Lazarki ritual recreation, Golden Festival in Brooklyn, Verea Dance festival in Chicago, Bulgarian Sabor in Philadelphia, Dance Parade in NYC, Bulgarian National Day concerts… all of the concerts and events in which YBVNY and 101 Kaba Gaidi & Tupani NY are the ambassadors of Bulgaria.

Sometimes the rewards of your work don’t need to be so glamorous – hearing your kid reading a story in the language of their grandparents at bedtime makes all the difference in the world! It is almost as rewarding to start a conversation in Bulgarian on Sunday with someone that doesn’t have Bulgarian heritage, but is already in love with the Bulgarian music dances, language and culture.  Or maybe even more.

This is why all of you are so special – Young Bulgarian Voices New York is not just a cross-cultural organization connecting people with different cultural backgrounds but is also cross-generational one. You can see it every week when everyone is dancing “Na Megdana” – little kids, parents, teachers, students,  dancers, tupan and bagpipe players. Playing, singing and dancing Pravo, Daichovo, Kopanitca, Trite Pati… Or just running around the Horo (the four year olds).

Thank you to all of you – students, parents, teachers, members, volunteers, followers and fans…

YBVNY activities are funded by parent contributions, private and institutional donors and various fundraising activities such as this annual drive. We have made the deliberate choice not to apply for funds that are provided by the Bulgarian government and taxpayers because we believe that under the current economic circumstances, the children living in Bulgaria are in greater need of those funds.

Our fundraising goal for this campaign is to raise $10,000 by December 31, 2018. Our wish is to see more children, parents and members crowd the corridors of YBVNY, to witness more happy faces after our workshops and to meet more of you in 2019.

Thank you to the the whole community – you are making all of this possible!

 Bosilek and 101 Kaba Gaidi NY at the Dance Parade NYC !

TODAY  !  Come Dance With Us !
Bosilek and 101 Kaba Gaidi NY
at the Dance Parade NYC !

We are at start of parade, #A-8. Be there 12:45 PMRegister on the website as “individual” and come, rain or shine.

Then we teach some horos at 4PM in Tompkins Sq. Park w/ the 101 KABA GAIDI – New York and tupan players;

and Bosilek performs at 5:50 PM on the Main Stage.

A big day full of fun for all!!! Free! Be there!


Sat, May 19, 2018 – TODAY !

1:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

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21st & Broadway, New York City to Tompkins Square Park

New York, New York

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Tickets: FREE

JOIN BOSILEK and 101 Kaba Gaidi NY at 4:00 PM at the TEACHING STAGE!

AND at 5:50 PM BOSILEK WILL DANCE AT the Performers Stage!


Bulgarian Folk Dances Workshop

Come dance with our special guest instructor

Michael Ginsburg

and  Young Bulgarian Voices NY

this  Sunday, January 29,  12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.

Michael has been teaching Balkan Folk Dance for over 50 years.
He has taught special Balkan Dance workshops in most of the 50 US States as well as in Japan, Germany, Austria, Israel, Brazil and Macedonia.  He is a member of Zlatne Uste, Kavala Brass Band, and Cherven Traktor. He plays the trumpet and tupan.

The workshop will be held from 12 :00 PM to 1:00 PM
and than everybody is welcomed to join the

HORO “Na Megdana”  @ 1:00 PM
live music – Kaba Gaidi, Tupani, Gadulka by
101 KABA GAIDI – New York

525 W 50 St, 1 St FLOOR, New York, NY, 10019

Suggested donation to the school $10

The 32nd Zlatne Uste Golden Festival!

Dear friends,

Join us on  January 13th and 14th,
at Grand Prospect Hall, Brooklyn, NY for

The 32nd Zlatne Uste Golden Festival!

We will perform on Saturday, January 14th :

Young Bulgarian Voices New York Choir:
6:30 PM at The Grand View Room – 4th floor!

101 Kaba Gaidi & Tupani NY
10:00 PM at The Rainbow Room – 3rd floor!

101 KGNY will be part of the Rhodope Sing Along
11:00 PM at The Grand View Room – 4th floor!

101 Kaba Gaidi NY Golden Fest 2015

Over 20 Kaba Gaida bagpipes and Tupans
The Magical Voices of Young Bulgarian Voices NY!

Buy your tickets now!

101 T-Shirts for 101 Kaba Gaidi NY!

Fundraiser extended to May 31!

Help us raise $1001.00 for 101 Kaba Gaidi NY!


101 Kaba Gaidi NY needs your help! Our goal is to teach and play Bulgarian Kaba Gaida and Tupan – in New York… and – as you may guess from the name – to get at least 101 people to join us!


101 Kaba Gaidi is a project of Young Bulgarian Voices New York, a Bulgarian language and music school.  The group started classes less than two years ago and already over 30 students of all ages are learning the magic of the Kaba Gaida and Tupan. Your support will help us order additional instruments for the school – learning to play a Bagpipe or Tupan is a serious commitment and we need instruments that our student can try – before they buy. We are ordering our instruments directly from some of the best crafts-men in Bulgaria. This helps to keep alive the ancient traditions of Kaba Gaida and Tupan making. Part of the money that we will raise will help the group to play not just in New York, but also at other cities in US (see the back of the t-shirt – we just came back from Chicago!), Canada  and maybe… other parts of the World! PO5674768-back7-cu

The design of the back of the T-Shirt is based on original Bulgarian post stamp from 1974. The text of the stamp (after some small adjustments in 2015) is :
national festival of amateur art
verea 2015 chicago
101 kaba gaidi & tupani new york

We want to be able to offer full tuition scholarships to some of our future students – and you can help us do it!

If you are not sure how exactly the Kaba Gaida and Tupan sound, check our web site, Facebook page and YouTube channel – it is really magical! And check back again in two more years – the magic will be even stronger !

ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT – please, buy a T-Shirt and forward this link to your friends!


Join 101 KGNY at the Yasna Voices Fundraiser!

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