Join 101 KGNY at the Yasna Voices Fundraiser!

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Moments from LAZARUVANE 2014

Pictures from the 2014 Lazarki  celebration.

Join us this year – Sunday,  April 05, 2015  :

12:30 PM  at 525 W 50th Street, NY, 10019

And you may join our design/build team and help with the “Village” building – 9:00 AM.

For our “Demolition Crew” – see details at the end of the album…

The 2014 Lazarki - enjoying the show... and the gifts they have just received... Лазарките от 2014 - радващи се на представлението... и на подаръците които току що са получили... Join them this year - Sunday, April 05, 2015 !

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014


YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014Yasna Voices and Bosilek Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble.


YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014We are one of the main attractions at the New York Sightseeing Tours!


YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014


One of the first performances of 101 Kaba Gaidi NY  – about six months after we started!

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014


Petya Maglova and Nedialko Ketev


YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014


YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

Earlier in the day – Lazarki getting ready…

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014




Learning is… learning – even in the day of the show….

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014

YBVNY Lazaruvane 2014




The Demolition Crew  – at the end of the day – it’s may be even more fun than the building in the morning?


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it takes a village to build a village!

Let’s build a Bulgarian  Village in NY, recreate Лазаруване / Lazaruvane  and celebrate Цветница / Flower-day  together again :

Sunday, April 05, 2015

9:00 AM Village building starts – help us “build” old Bulgarian village using paper tape

12:30 PM – “Lazaruvane” recreation starts – with Young Bulgarian Voices Choir,

101 Kaba Gaidi NY,    Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble Bosilek,    Yasna Voices …

Join us!  525 W 50th Street, New York, NY, 10019


Now is the time to bid on a very rare – only one known in existence – commemorative post stamp – The 3¢ “101 Kaba Gaidi & Tupani NY going to Verea 5 Chicago, 2015”. The post stamp was printed during the times of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, in the mid ’60 of the last millennium. Due to several errors (at least considered as such at the time) in the text only one copy was printed. Starting bid : 101.00¢

In case you want to see the original for yourself – please, join 101 KABA GAIDI – New York at the 5th Bulgarian Folk Festival Verea – Chicago, April 24-26, 2015.

101 Kaba Gaidi & Tupani NY going to Verea 5 Chicago

Balkan Folk Dance workshop with Michael Ginsburg

We are extremely pleased that  Michael Ginsburg will share his extraordinary talent with Young Bulgarian Voices NY and 101 KABA GAIDI NY this Sunday March 29th.

YBVNY Michael Ginsburg Dance WorkshopMichael has been teaching Balkan Folk Dance for over 50 years. He has taught special Balkan Dance workshops in most of the 50 US States as well as in Japan, Germany, Austria, Israel, Brazil and Macedonia. He is a member of Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band, Kavala Brass Band, and Cherven Traktor. He plays the trumpet and tupan.

After the workshop you can join the Horo “Na Megdana” with live music by 101 KABA GAIDI – New York

@ 525 W 50 St, 1 St floor, Manhattan, NY 10019.    Suggested donation to the school $10. essay writing reviews

Na Megdana @ YBVNY

Come dance with  Catherine Springer  @ Young Bulgarian Voices NY  –   this Sunday at 12 pm. Enjoy the magic of Bulgarian folk dance in the company of a great community and a great instructor!    @ 525 W 50 St, 1 St Floor, Manhattan.

Suggested donation to the school $10.

101 Kaba Gaidi & Tupani NY playing this Wednesday, March 18 in Brooklyn, NY!

This Wednesday, March 18 at Freddy’s :

7:30 – 101 Kaba Gajdi & Tupani NY (Bulgarian): A universe of drums and bagpipes pumping it up Bulgarian style

8:00 – Odglasi (Echoes) (Macedonian): Brooklyn’s Macedonian string band plays powerful roots music as well as urbane city styles from a hundred years ago.

9:15 – Catherine Foster Brass Band (Balkan): All-women Balkan brass band.

Balkan-101 KGNY Freddys

TODAY! March 1st – Martenitsa WORKSHOP

ПОМОГНЕТЕ НИ да направим НАЙ-ДЪЛГАТА МАРТЕНИЦА в …ако не в света, то поне в Ню Йорк!

HELP US make the longest MARTENITSA… if not in the World, than at least in New York!

On the first day of March, Bulgarians exchange and wear white and red tassels or small dolls called “Пижо и Пенда” (Pizho and Penda). The red and white woven threads symbolize the wish for good health. They are the heralds of the coming of spring in Bulgaria and life in general. In Bulgarian folklore the name Baba Marta (in Bulgarian баба Марта meaning Grandma March). Come and join us for our workshop and make yourself and your friends a wonderful present.

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM,   525 W 50th Street, 1ST FLOOR, New York, NY